How to port email from evolution to thunderbird?

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I updated ubuntu to 11.10 using the update notification. I am also switching from Xubuntu to ubuntu - gnome interface. I have been using evolution for years and would like to port the emails to thunderbird.

I have looked at the similar questions with no luck and the thunderbird help on manually importing. Most of these assume that the evolution file structure is similar to the evolution file structure.

When I set up thunderbird it seems to have imported the contacts from evolution (and actually removed them from evolution. However no mail got transferred. I found the evolution mail in ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local . this has folders.db and 3 directories - cur ,tmp, and new. then there are the hidden files and directories. Each directory has three related files with extensions .cmeta, .ibex.index, and Then all the directories had files that seem to contain the individual messages. I have not looked at rhyme or reason to the file numbering/naming scheme.

is there a nice way to import these files?

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