What changes can be made to a Microsoft Account using net user on Windows 8?

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In Windows 8, you can log on with a local account or with a Microsoft Account. Both types show up in the Users control panel, but there are different options that you can change for each type.

An administrator can change basically any aspect of a local user - name, password, access level, etc. For a Microsoft Account, you can only change the access level (admin/standard) or remove the account.

From the command line though, there don't appear to be any restrictions on what you can do a Microsoft Account. Using the net user tool or the Local Users and Groups MMC snap-in, it looks like an administrator would be able to change the password, display name, profile path, etc. of Microsoft Accounts (as well as local accounts of course).

Will these commands actually work when applied to a Microsoft Account? Will using them in some way break the link to the Microsoft Account, or will nothing happen at all? I'm hesitant to test since I don't want to mess up my account permanently.

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