I can't boot into Ubuntu "Try (hd0,0): NTFS5: No ang0" Error Message

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Published on 2012-11-10T21:58:43Z Indexed on 2012/11/10 23:18 UTC
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I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside windows 7. It was working fine but now when I try to boot with ubuntu after the operating system choice screen I get this.

Boot Error Message

Try (hd0,0): NFTS5: No ang0
Try (hd0,1): NTFS5: No ang0
Try (hd0,2): NTFS5: No ang0
Try (hd0,3): Extended:
Try (hd0,4): NTFS5: No ang0
Try (hd0,5): Extended:
Try (hd0,5): EXT2:

And when I press ctrl+alt+del it restarts the computer and if I chose to boot with ubuntu same thing happens again.

But windows works fine.. How do I resolve this problem? Thanks.

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