Camera lookAt target changes when rotating parent node

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have the following issue.I have a camera with lookAt method which works fine.I have a parent node to which I parent the camera.If I rotate the parent node while keeping the camera lookAt the target , the camera lookAt changes too.That is nor what I want to achieve.I need it to work like in Adobe AE when you parent camera to a null object:when null object is rotated the camera starts orbiting around the target while still looking at the target.What I do currently is multiplying parent's model matrix with camera model matrix which is calculated from lookAt() method.I am sure I need to decompose (or recompose ) one of the matrices before multiplying them .Parent model or camera model ? Anyone here can show the right way doing it ?

UPDATE: The parent is just a node .The child is the camera.The parented camera in AfterEffects works like this: If you rotate the parent node while camera looks at the target , the camera actually starts orbiting around the target based on the parent rotation.In my case the parent rotation changes also Camera's lookAt direction which IS NOT what I want.Hope now it is clear .

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