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Published on 2012-11-28T04:50:01Z Indexed on 2012/11/28 5:07 UTC
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I have to register for windows Upgrade Offer from here. I purchased Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop before 2 weeks and I got windows 7 Home Basic in it. But now I want to register for windows upgrade offer, When I filled up registration form and submit then it displayed that I am not eligible for this kind of offer.

I don't know why this message is displaying although I bought laptop in between eligible time period.

I think, I was filling wrong details in form. Because I am not sure about what to fill in Retailer's Name, Purchase Date and PC Model.

And one thing is how to find right purchase Date from my product's Service Tag ? Which date I have to fill in form, Shipping Date OR Manufacture Date?

Please Provide me a right direction to register and correct information regarding Retailer'Name and Purchase Date and PC Model.

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