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I'm looking for a tool which would be able to capture a screen region, pass it to OCR and put the result into clipboard.

  • "import ppm:- | gocr -i - | xclip -selection c" works, but gocr is unreliable: simple text on a webpage has errors. It is a clear font but the OCR tool always misses "r" and replaces it with underscore.
  • "import ppm:- | ocrad -i - | xclip -selection c" says "ocrad: maxval > 255 in ppm "P6" file."
  • tesseract needs an image file and does not accept piping input to it.
  • xfce4-screenshooter does not do OCR.
  • ABBYY Screenshot Reader is proprietary.
  • tessnet2 is freeware running on a proprietary platform.
  • Google Docs can OCR screenshots in a batch. But my data is confidential and better not put online.

Graphical interface solutions would be acceptable for this question, too.

There is a number of existing SuperUser questions about OCR. They fall in several categories.

None of them answer this question.

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