Printing with Lacie Lightscribe requires root privileges

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Published on 2012-11-25T18:40:15Z Indexed on 2012/12/07 11:19 UTC
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I have installed Lacie Lightscribe software on Ubuntu 12.04. Everything seems to be fine, the drive is detected, the proper media is detected, but when I click print I get the message "Printing Requires Root Privileges".

I am the main (administrator) account on this computer, part of the sudo group and I cannot seem to find an answer to this dilemna in plain english.

I've seen some apparently relevant posts which say things like "check whether the files /usr/4L/4L-gui and /usr/4L/4L-cli have any setuid-bits set. If so, remove them" but I need more detailed step-by-step instructions than that, please.

Is there anyone who knows how to solve this?

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