Dual boot windows 8 and Ubuntu with Windows 8 Boot manager

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Published on 2012-12-20T03:36:03Z Indexed on 2012/12/20 5:14 UTC
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I have two partitions on my hard-didk , I have installed ubuntu on my 1st partition and windows 8 later on another partition.Now i can only boot into windows 8 because it doesn't recognize Ubuntu.

How would i dual boot my PC without using grub . I would like using Windows 8 boot manager as its pretty neat.

I tried using easyBCD but it doesn't work.It causes the boot manager to switch to windows 7 Boot Manager .Is there anyother work around or solution

Any help would be appreciated.

Note: The windows 8 boot Manager is sky blue color interactive menu with mouse and other options and windows 7 boot manager is the normal black and white one where you can only use your keyboard

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