how to i lock a Harddrive to a certain drive letter

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i have an external hard drive that i have set to Drive F which on it contains some programs that i have shortcuts on the desktop how i have a second external hard drive which i store my music on which is auto assigned to Drive E, due to someone thinking that Australians love to have f** wings on power plugs for hard drives while power boards have each socket close together i can have both of these hard drives set at the same time

my music hard drive i normally only plug up when i sync music to my ipod but on occasion when i unplug my music hard drive and plug my old one back in or at times when i turn on my computer with the music hard drive in, turn off my computer and turn it back on with my old hard drive it's drive letter gets switched to E

i get annoyed having to always go into disk management and change the drive letter back to F when this happens so i am wondering if

  • I can lock my hard drive to always be F, if anything else tries to be F it can fail for all i care
  • If there is a batch file i can use that'll go though all the steps of Disk Management to change a drive's letter, that way i can set it up in the startup folder

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