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Published on 2014-08-25T13:33:16Z Indexed on 2014/08/25 16:29 UTC
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I'm trying Google's PageSpeed online service

Ironically, it's primarily highlighting Google's own services as something that needs improvement on my site

1) jQuery from Google: blocking. So I moved all javascript from <head> to the end of the document before </body>. That helped

2) Linking to external Google Font CSS (in <head>): blocking. But the font is critical to the design of the page and should load before much else

3) Google Analytics: Caching is not good. (Google has set it internally to 2 hours expiration). Don't know how to change this (this is also placed at the bottom of page)

The Google Font is highlighted as a big priority to change.

How can I fix this? Where/how should I call the the font?

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