Firefox Furigana Injector on Debian

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Published on 2010-04-27T00:19:38Z Indexed on 2010/04/27 0:23 UTC
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I'm using Iceweasel (un/rebranded Firefox) 3.5.9 on Debian (amd64). I want to use the "Furigana Injector" plugin.

I installed it via the Tools -> Add-ons menuitem (version 1.3), and restarted Firefox. Unfortunately, when I click the button, it only says: "The 'SimpleMecab' XPCOM component could not be loaded." in a dialog box, several dozen times (!).

I found a Debian package "libmecab1", but installing it didn't help. Is there some "mecab" package I can install that will make this work?

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