I'm interested in checking out a stack-oriented programming language. Which one would you recommend?

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I'm interested in learning a stack-oriented programming language (such as Forth), which one would you recommend? The qualities I want are:

  • You should be able to develop non-trivial software in it, but it mustn't be a great language for that as:
  • I want to learn the language so I can try out a new paradigm (that is, not because I (think) that I will have great use of it). The reason I want to learn another paradigm is that I want to broaden my views on different approaches (learn to think in new ways, different from OOP, functional and structured). The language should let me do that (learn to think differently).
  • The language should have available and good resources to learn from. The resources should also approach stack-oriented programming in a way that you understand the paradigm (after all, I do this for the paradigm).

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