App Store: Profitability for Game Developers

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Published on 2011-06-19T18:09:36Z Indexed on 2011/06/20 16:40 UTC
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Recent days, I've been spending significant time in discovering chances of profitability of AppStore for developers.

I have found many articles. Some of them are highly optimistic, while other are extremely skeptical. This article is extremely skeptical. It even claims to have backed its conclusions by objective sales numbers. This is another pesimistic article saying that games developed by single individuals get 20 downloads a day.

Can I kindly ask to clarify from business viewpoint whether average developers publishing games and software on AppStore can cover their living expenses, even, whether they can become profitable?

Is it achievable to generate revenues of 50.000 USD yearly on AppStore for a single developer?

I would like to stay as realistic as possible. Despite the question might look subjective, a good business man will be able to esitmate chances for profitability and prosperity within AppStore.

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