Downloading large files hangs system

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Published on 2011-06-25T10:09:58Z Indexed on 2011/06/25 16:30 UTC
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When Im trying to download large files, i.e. 1gb or more under FireFox, first of all it starts with very big download speed and in few seconds in almost get up to max (~11 MBps). It is downloading very fast, but when downloaded size becomes near 700-800mb and more, my system almost completely hangs, so I can do nothing - I just have to wait until it finishes downloading.

Also when it hangs, I can't see the download progress - it looks like it completely hangs. Sometimes, however, if the file size is near 1gb, the system comes back from hang, finishing download, but sometimes I just cant wait before system comes back and have to kill FF from top (it takes me 2 minutes to do this, because of very slow system performance).

I use Firefox as primary browser.

If I use wget with direct link to file - everything is fine. Speed at max, no performance decrease.

So what can I do?

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