Apache port forwarding with ZTE ZXV10 W300 router (provider specific firmware)

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I'm trying to configure port forwarding for Apache 2.2 installed on Windows XP SP3 with ZTE ZXV10 W300 router. The computer has a static IP Port forwarding is configured as following:

Enable                    true
Name                      Apache
Protocol                  TCP (also tried TCP and UPD)
WAN Host Start IP Address empty
WAN Host End IP Address   empty
WAN Connection            stream
WAN Start Port            8080
WAN End Port              8080
LAN Host IP Address
LAN Host Start Port       8080
LAN Host End Port         8080

Port 8080 is open for both TCP and UPD in Windows Brandmauer. Apache configuration:


Router Firmware:

Hardware Version    V1.0.01 
Software Version    V8.0.02T03_CFA 
Boot Loader Version V1.1.2

The provider is COMSTAR. I'm not sure but it's said they flash routers with modified firmware.

I have also tried to set up Bitcomet port forwarding on port 13514 and failed.

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