Printing from Firefox on different printers and setting the page details beforehand

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I´ve got an odd problem and I have not been able to fix this. I have a computer which is connected to two printers. One is a receipt printer (EPSON TM-U220), and the other one is an impact printer (Epson LX-300+). From Firefox, I need to print on both printers at different moments. So first I print on the receipt printer, then on the impact printer, etc.

However, whenever I first print on the receipt printer, and then go back to the impact printer, the printout is only the width of the page of the receipt printer. That is, the page does not come out properly, just the left part of the page is used for printing and the right part is completely empty, as if I am just printing on the small receipt paper. And there is no way I can tell Firefox that I am printing on this larger printer.

The second print on the impact printer goes fine. Firefox now knows it is printing on the impact printer, and it comes out properly on the full page width. But every first print on the impact printer is using the wrong paper size. How can I fix this?

When I go to PAGE PREVIEW I can not set the printer UNTIL I actually print the page. If I go to PRINT PREVIEW > CONFIGURE PAGE, I can not set the printer I will be using. I can only do so if I go to PRINT PREVIEW > PRINT (here is the dropdown box to set the printer). But I can only set the printer and then click PRINT, or CANCEL. If I click PRINT, then the computer remembers the setting but that page will come our wrong, and when I click cancel it simply does not remember the printer I just set.

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