how to reinstall ubuntu 12.04 after dual boot installation fails with windows 7

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I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my preinstalled windows 7 Sony vaio s series laptop following instructions here:

Everything went well and I am able to boot in to windows after complete installation of Ubuntu. Now following instructions on web I tried to add Ubuntu to my BIOS using Easy BCD (but forget to add windows 7 entry). As a result, I loose windows 7 OS and can't boot in to either OS then I successfully repaired windows 7 using recovery CD.

Now my problem is that I can't reinstall Ubuntu 12.04 using Live CD it halts every time before disk partition step giving error.

There is only one partition which corresponds to windows 7 but I don't know whether the Ubuntu is still there or probably corrupted.

So, how to repair it or again install ubuntu ?

Please suggest what I should do now?

Thanks in advance. R Shukla

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