Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual Link up to 2560 * 1600

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I have a ThinkPad T530 with Mini DP++ and NVS 5400M, which are said to support 2560 * 1600 resolution. The display is Dell 3007WFP, which also supports 2560 * 1600. But, I have never seen any cables or adapters that can connect them with full support to 2560 * 1600.

Do you have any idea? THANK YOU!

In addition, I found that mDP++ means I can use a passive adapter. No need for active adapter which is much more expensive.

This is the only one that meets my needs, but it is not sold in the US. And this one seems to be OK, but I am not sure because it says "2.5 Gbps per channel", which may not be enough.

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