All FireFTP passwords gone after auto-update

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Published on 2012-11-04T21:06:36Z Indexed on 2012/11/04 23:04 UTC
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For the last six months (since the Firefox madness started and they keep on taking control of my PC) I'm terrified to touch Firefox.

Problem is however, I've been using it in my business (since once upon a time it was a trustworthy application with useful extensions like FireFTP) and that installation (and plugins) holds four years of information.

So Firefox continually deletes my important data (by) messing up (or blocking/or worse: auto-updating) my plug-ins, even crashing my computer as a result.

Today Firefox killed FireFTP by (again) autoupdating FireFTP without my permission, and I did my best to disable that nonsense in about:config).

Result: none of the (over 100) FireFTP accounts can be logged on to, they suddenly all ask for a password. I do not have the time to to find all of the passwords and reconfigure FireFTP again.

How can I undo the mess Firefox created once again? That is, where are the passwords, how do I downgrade?

As a side-question, how can I make Firefox behave again? I'm the boss of my computer, not them! How can I once and for-all take back control and completely kill every kind of auto-update feature?

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