How to "un-automount" external harddrive?

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Published on 2012-11-26T22:49:21Z Indexed on 2012/11/26 23:24 UTC
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So I dualboot 12.10 and Win7. Both OSs are on the primary SSD while all commonly used data (documents, movies, music, profiles etc) is on a secondary NTFS-formatted HDD.

Since I needed the NTFS drive to automatically mount in Ubuntu right at startup, I downloaded ntfs-config and set it to automount my NTFS drive.

Problem is, I also accidentally told it to automount my external hard drive (which is also NTFS formatted). When booting up Ubuntu, it now checks for the presence of that drive every single time, which is getting annoying 'cause I don't always have it connected.

I've tried un- and reinstalling ntfs-config, telling it to not automount the external HD, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

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