Unable to decide weather to continue or quit and start a new carrier

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I am working in a small company.
I have joined here for java developer ,but they told as i am fresher so work as Android developer .
Then i asked one of my lecturer about Android developement.then he replied why going for mobile developement which is not standard(as nokia's symbain lost , mobile os changes quickly ) its better to get job as Java Developer. By listening his words i was bit not satisfied with my job and thought of leaving Job and search as java developer. But i dont have much confidence to search a job at that time(because i got job after 1 and half years after i passed out), i have decided to work as android developer(as learning new technology and practice java at home).

On the first day they introduced me to team leads and they assigned under him. After few days i came to know that my team lead is having only 1 year experience. He(my team lead) joined here as a fresher and done r&d now is my Team lead. If i ask any doubt to him , he just search in internet and reply's my question (some times he explains wrongly) i correct it by myself by searching in net.In my company they don't use latest technologies,they dont follow any design patterns because they dont know them. They provide me very less pay and more work, i dont bother about pay because i am fresher but i bother about work which is not use(I feel like that because they dont use latest technologies,no design patterns,no proper team lead)

What i thought was to learn from the company, Team leads how the project done. But there I feel like, i am wasting my time.If i go for another interview in future they ask latest technologies.

Now i dont know what to do weather to quit the job and learn another language which have good demand like sap abap or to continue here.

please provide me advice


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