How can i export a folder of Firefox Bookmarks into a text file

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I want to clean up my bookmark folders by getting rid of duplicated/links. i have created a program which will import 2 text files which contains a URL like this

File 1:

File 2:

the program compares the 2 lists and creates a single master list with duplicate URLs removed.

Now i have a few Backup bookmark folders in Firefox which on occasion i'll bookmark all tabs into a new folder with the date of the backup before i close off tabs or do reset my PC. each folder can have between 1000-2000 bookmarks, sometimes there are a bunch of pages which keep getting bookmarked, ie, i have ~50 pages on the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Wiki on different spells, character and terminology which i commonly look back on.

I'd like to know how i can export a bookmark folder so i have a list of URLs similar to what i use in my program

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