help animating player in corona sdk

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working on a game in the corona sdk with lua and I need help so the player animates on the line drawn. Right now he animates at the beggining and the end but not on the line. here is the player code

function spawnPlayerObject(xPlayerSpawn,yPlayerSpawn,richTurn) --spawns Rich where we need him.
-- riches sprite sheet and all his inital spirites. We need to adjust this so that animations 3-6 are the only ones that animate when moving horizontally
    local richPlayer = sprite.newSpriteSet(richSheet1,1,6)
    sprite.add(richPlayer, "rich", 1,6,500,1)
    rich = sprite.newSprite(richPlayer)
    rich.x = xPlayerSpawn
    rich.y = yPlayerSpawn
    rich:scale(_W*0.0009, _W*0.0009) -- scale is used to adjust the size of the object.
    richDir = richTurn
    rich.rotation = richDir
    physics.addBody( rich, "static", { friction=1, radius = 15 } ) -- needs a better physics body for collision detection.

and here is the code for the line

function movePlayerOnLine(event)
    --for the original image replace all rich with player.
 if posCount ~= linePart then
    richDir = math.atan2(ractgangle_hit[posCount].y-rich.y,ractgangle_hit[posCount].x-rich.x)*180/math.pi
    playerSpeed = 5
    rich.x = rich.x + math.cos(richDir*math.pi/180)*playerSpeed
    rich.y = rich.y + math.sin(richDir*math.pi/180)*playerSpeed
        if rich.x < ractgangle_hit[posCount].x+playerSpeed*10 and rich.x > ractgangle_hit[posCount].x-playerSpeed*10 then
            if rich.y < ractgangle_hit[posCount].y+playerSpeed*10 and rich.y > ractgangle_hit[posCount].y-playerSpeed*10 then
            posCount = posCount + 1

I don't think anything has changed recently but I have been getting an error when testing of " attempt to upvalue "rich" a nil value" on the second line, richDir = etc.

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